Analytically driven, thoughtful, patient and disciplined, Tran Capital Management seeks to exemplify the best of a new breed of 21st Century investment managers.

We place an intense focus on the true substance of companies, avoiding the distractions of investment fads and the noise of market churn. We invest, on our clients’ behalf, in growing companies whose valuations are not so dear as to preclude robust returns to their shareholders. We view candidates for investment in much the same way a strategic investor considers an acquisition target, asking: Does this company have the potential to grow for a long time? Does company management have deep ownership and an independent mindset? Would we want to own the entire company and merge it into our enterprise?

Importantly, we view diversity and sustainability as critical dimensions not only to our business but also to the companies we invest in for the benefit of our clients.

Tran Capital Management is a Signatory of:


Founded in 2017 with the buyout by partners Quoc Tran and Eric Winterhalter of a predecessor company, TCM follows an investment philosophy, rooted in the belief that earnings growth ultimately drives stock valuations as compounding occurs over time.

By design, we are scaled to be flexible and nimble, capable of generating alpha by investing in a limited number of companies across the capitalization spectrum, small to large. Our goal is to generate exceptional returns for a select group of clients, not to amass an excessive amount of assets under management that would undermine our ability to perform.

Ours is a different kind of firm with a high functioning, collaborative, diverse, and sustainable investment culture,
explained TCM Chief Investment Officer Quoc Tran, in the 2021 announcement, renaming the firm TCM Tran Capital Management from Lateef Investment Management.

From TCM, clients can expect transparency, alignment of interests, a commitment to capacity constraints, high levels of communication and client service, and peace of mind.

Our organization values its diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. Today, nearly 90% of our employees are either female or from a racial or ethnic minority community and all team members contribute within an inclusive, open and collaborative culture. Our capital structure is similarly tilted toward minority ownership.